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Review: John Henry West Indies Pale Ale0

by Nickat 02:20 PM

I have been on a barrel-aged beer kick recently so I grabbed a bottle of Cold Spring Brewing Company’s John Henry West Indies Pale Ale, an American Strong Ale aged on rum spirals. Okay, so this one isn’t technically barrel-aged, but there is wood. These also come in at a great value – hopefully the contents justify that statement.

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Review: Brewdog Paradox Jura0

by Shaneat 12:19 PM

Sharing beer is something I absolutely love doing, and in some cases it can be a helpful thing. Earlier this week, Nick and I shared a new lot of beer, one being Brewdog’s Paradox Jura I brought down. At 15% ABV, this massive Double/Imperial Stout was “aged in Jura Whisky [sic] casks for 9 months.” Usually when we’re having a few beers in a night, one of this caliber is meant to share.

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Review: Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti0

by Nickat 03:24 PM

Recently, I grabbed a bottle of the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide at a local bottle shop one night. Having had other Yeti varieties in the past, I couldn’t pass up the silver foil capped bottle, at reasonable price of $10. I’m expecting all the rich, roasted flavors of the original Yeti with some obvious chocolate and oak imparted into the beer.

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Review: Goose Island Rare Bourbon County Stout0

by Shaneat 11:22 AM

Well, here it is, the famous Rare Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island in Chicago, IL. And yes, this was brewed before A-B InBev took over. It’s easily regarded as one of the best Imperial Stouts to ever be made. If you were lucky enough to find a bottle last year when they were released, it set you back a whopping $45+ USD, depending upon the store. I brought my bottle down to Delaware this past weekend to share with my friend Matt, as this is one beer we’ve both been dying to try.

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Review: Heavy Seas Plank I0

by Nickat 01:24 PM

Clipper City Brewing Co., makers of the Heavy Seas brand, recently released Plank I, an Olde Style English Ale matured on yellow poplar wood.  Commonly known as the tulip tree, the intent was to impart a distinct woodiness to the beer; hence the “Plank” series name. From the beer, I expect an interesting flavor from the wood with a robust, dark Old Ale profile.

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