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Episode 45: The Brewer’s Art Ozzy Ale (Video)0

by Shaneat 03:22 PM

The Brewer’s Art, based out of Baltimore Maryland, is home to many house made beers, fresh entrees, wines, spirits and beers from around the world. One of their own beers, Ozzy, is brewed in close to us in Royersford, PA (Nick’s hometown actually). According to the brewer, this is “our answer to the Belgian ‘devil’ beers!”

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Review: New Belgium Lips of Faith Super Cru0

by Mikeat 08:44 PM

In a totally unplanned coincidence I have another in New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series to review. This one, called Super Cru, is a 10% ABV Belgian Strong Pale Ale brewed with Asian pear juice. An interesting additive to be sure, and not one I’m very familiar with, or one that I have seen before. When this happens I find that it is best to dive right in.

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Review: Chameleon Hop On Top0

by Mikeat 03:56 PM

Every now and then a beer crosses my path from a brewery that I have never heard of, as was the case with the Hop on Top from Chameleon Brewing Company. Feeling that every brewery deserves a shot, well know or not, I decided the 4.2% APA from Glendale, Wisconsin was worthy of a review.

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Review: Unibroue Don de Dieu0

by Nickat 10:41 AM

Unibroue, an established brewery in Chambly, Quebec, Canada has an extensive line-up of Belgian-style Ales. Their bottles stand out with their colored foil wrapping and Norwegian-esque labels. Shane and I recently made a trip to our local bottle shop and both decided to grab a variety of beers from the Unibroue line-up. To start off, I’m taking a look at their Don de Dieu, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale at 9% ABV.

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