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Review: Evil Twin All Occasions IPA0

by Mikeat 03:27 PM

IPAs run the gambit from weak to over the top 25% ABV hop bombs with enough IBUs to take the rust off an old bike chain. Every now and then you want an easier drinking, flavorful IPA that will allow you to still drive home safely after consuming. Not a full session beer, but something a bit slower speed. Hoping to answer this need is the All Occasions IPA from Evil Twin Brewing out of Denmark, a 8% ABV IPA billed as a “no BS” beer.

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Review: Stone 16th Anniversary IPA0

by Shaneat 03:39 PM

In what has become an annual affair, Stone released their 16th Anniversary IPA this summer. Loaded with lots of rye, but according to them not enough to warrant the “Rye IPA” name, this Double IPA also features Amarillo and Calypso hops. Finished with lemon verbena and European specialty malts, this one sounded intriguing enough to peak my interest (and Stone rarely lets me down).

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Review: Starr Hill Double Platinum0

by Mikeat 07:56 PM

You may hear the name “Double Platinum” and think of the less than desirable beer created by Budweiser, but the Starr Hill Double Platinum is quite the opposite. The Double Platinum is a 8.6% ABV Imperial IPA that is dry hopped with both Simcoe and Centennial hops. It looks pretty promising and hopefully the platinum lives up to its previous metal name.

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Episode 35: Kern River 5th Anniversary Ale (Video)0

by Shaneat 11:21 AM

If there’s another Double IPA to live up to what we experienced with Citra from Kern River, it would be another beer by the same guys! Their 5th Anniversary Ale is a Double IPA, and depending upon who you ask, is as good or better than Citra. From Kernville, CA this 8% ABV Double IPA exemplifies the same “west coast” IPA qualities as Citra: citrusy, juicy and equally bitter.

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Review: Port City Tidings0

by Shaneat 01:28 PM

My only connection to the relatively new Port City Brewing is Mike, and unfortunately his visits aren’t frequently enough to deliver their beer! On his most recent trip back, he brought with their first winter holiday beer, Tidings. Unlike most breweries that favor a Winter Warmer or Strong Dark Ale, Port City chose a Belgian Strong Pale Ale with honey and spices.

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