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Review: Cantillon Iris (2013)0

by Shaneat 05:36 PM

Brasserie Cantillon, the Belgian brewery that stole the hearts of many beer lovers, is one of my favorite breweries in existence. Unfortunately, procuring bottles “off the shelf” from them has become incredibly difficult in the past five years, at least in the US. They’re readily available for on-site consumption at multiple Philadelphia area bars, but enjoying a bottle in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want, is a real treat.

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Review: Iron Hill Anvil Ale0

by Shaneat 11:15 AM

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is a small, localized “chain” of brewpubs currently in three states in the Delaware Valley area: Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I always enjoy visiting the different locations as the rotating beers are always different depending upon which brewpub you’re in. While at the Lancaster, PA location one of the beers I tried was their Anvil Ale, an English Bitter served on cask.

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Review: Stone 16th Anniversary IPA0

by Shaneat 03:39 PM

In what has become an annual affair, Stone released their 16th Anniversary IPA this summer. Loaded with lots of rye, but according to them not enough to warrant the “Rye IPA” name, this Double IPA also features Amarillo and Calypso hops. Finished with lemon verbena and European specialty malts, this one sounded intriguing enough to peak my interest (and Stone rarely lets me down).

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Review: Epic Armageddon IPA0

by Nickat 04:19 PM

I made another trip out to Albuquerque New Mexico not only to visit family, but to try and find some beers I can not get back East. One of the beers I picked up comes from Epic Brewing Company in New Zealand. Their Armageddon, an American IPA, can hopefully live up to bold giant red letters on the label and creepy 6.66% ABV.

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Review: Mikkeller Hop Burn High2

by Nickat 03:49 PM

I have always been a fan of the Denmark based Mikkeller, as all their beers are interesting and of quality. While Shane and Mike have been busy reviewing some of their other unique darker beers, such as the Rauch Geek Breakfast, Jackie Brown, and Beer Geek Breakfast, I always gravitate towards their Imperial IPAs. I found a bottle of their Hop Burn High Double Imperial Pale Ale, and although their beers tend to gravitate a little more to the pricey side, this one is worth the sticker price.

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