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Review: Iron Hill Anvil Ale0

by Shaneat 11:15 AM

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is a small, localized “chain” of brewpubs currently in three states in the Delaware Valley area: Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I always enjoy visiting the different locations as the rotating beers are always different depending upon which brewpub you’re in. While at the Lancaster, PA location one of the beers I tried was their Anvil Ale, an English Bitter served on cask.

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Review: New Belgium Lips of Faith Cascara Quad0

by Mikeat 07:07 PM

The Lips of Faith series from New Belgium consists of small batches of beer brewed with what seem like crazy ingredients, some most people have never heard of. Experimenting with these beers requires faith in the brewer, because some of them are a bit off the wall. Every time I find a new Lips of Faith beer I have to give it a go, for better or worse. The next one up in my beer fridge is the Cascara Quad, a Quadrupel brewed with dates and coffee cherries added in. I have little idea what to expect from this, so it should be an interesting one.

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Review: Rivertowne Maxwell’s Scottish Ale0

by Mikeat 11:21 AM

When a friend offered me a six-pack of beer from his hometown in exchange for a disused computer part, I immediately took him up on the offer. Into my possession came a mixed six-pack from Rivertowne Brewing, a new brewery just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I sampled a few of the offerings that night, but saved a few others for later reviews.

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Review: Wagner Valley Sugar House Maple Porter0

by Mikeat 03:05 PM

While zooming around the Finger Lakes region of New York with my family a few weeks ago on a wine tour, we stumbled upon the best of both worlds – a winery with a brewery attached. The winery was Wagner Vineyards and the brewery is Wagner Valley Brewing. Splitting from the main group with a few others I sampled all the beers that Wagner Valley had to offer that day. One of those was the Sugar House Maple Porter, which I slipped a bottle of it into a mixed six pack planning to review.

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Review: Perennial Black Walnut Dunkel0

by Mikeat 04:01 PM

Ahh yes, the Dunkelweizen, an often overlooked style of beer that offers the spices and fruits of a Hefeweizen but with a malty backbone. For this reason Dunkelweizens are one of my favorite German styles of beer. The Black Walnut Dunkel from Perennial Brewing out of Missouri should hit the classic notes of the style, but with the added bonus of black walnuts to the tune of 250 pounds.

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