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Interview with Port City’s Bill Butcher0

by Mikeat 10:48 AM

When Port City Brewing Company first opened in Alexandria Virgina I paid them a visit and profiled them in this post. Now, nine months later, the brewery is continuing to grow at an astounding rate. This week Port City released their Tidings Ale, a strong Belgian blonde ale, which is made with local Maryland wildflower honey and Virginia wheat, and is spiced with coriander, cardamom, fresh ginger and grains of paradise.

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First Look: Port City Brewing Company2

by Mikeat 11:59 AM

Port City Brewing Company is on a mission to bring brewing back to Alexandria, Virginia. After a long construction project they finally started brewing on January 15th 2011 and the wait was on for the first taste of the area’s newest beer. The kegs began shipping this week, and they opened their tasting room to guests this past weekend. I went to check it out, taste some beer, get a growler filled, and take a tour on Sunday.

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Getting the most out of a Beer Festival1

by Mikeat 11:45 AM

Beer festivals are a great opportunity to sample new beers, meet brewers, and talk with other beer geeks. But it is easy to become overwhelmed by even a medium-sized beer festival with all of the choices, crowds, and free swag. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your next festival.

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Stoudt’s Brewery Tour1

by Shaneat 11:50 AM

Stoudt’s Brewing Company, located in Adamstown, PA, is home to a few of my favorite beers. Offering tours on Saturdays at 3pm and Sundays at 1pm, we decided to embark to the brewery for a tour this past Saturday.

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New Plant for Southern Tier Brewery1

by Shaneat 05:56 PM

Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, NY and brewers of the delicious 422 Pale Wheat Ale are almost ready to open their largest expansion to date. Southern Tier is building a brand new plant that is 30,000 square feet – that’s more than double the size of their original one from 2002. Perhaps most important is the addition of some new brews to the new facility. They plan to introduce Southern Tier 2xIPA and Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan Imperial Lager.

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