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Review: Peak Organic Weiss Principal0

by Mikeat 11:32 AM

Mixing different styles of beer can often lead to a great marriage of the best features of each style. My current favorite “hybrid” style is the wheat-IPA, the intersection of IPA and Hefeweizen. Browsing around a beer store in Maine I stumbled upon a beer of this style that I had to try, the Weiss Principal from Peak Organic Brewing company based in Portland, ME.

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Review: Perennial Black Walnut Dunkel0

by Mikeat 04:01 PM

Ahh yes, the Dunkelweizen, an often overlooked style of beer that offers the spices and fruits of a Hefeweizen but with a malty backbone. For this reason Dunkelweizens are one of my favorite German styles of beer. The Black Walnut Dunkel from Perennial Brewing out of Missouri should hit the classic notes of the style, but with the added bonus of black walnuts to the tune of 250 pounds.

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Review: Maui Brewing Mana Wheat0

by Mikeat 07:58 PM

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to put the Wheat beers away. I have enjoyed a few offerings from Maui Brewing in the past so I have high hopes for the Mana Wheat, especially since it’s made with pineapple juice. I’m thinking that alone should prove to be quite tasty.

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Review: Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont0

by Nickat 05:15 PM

I have walked by the classic Saison Dupont from Brasserie Dupont time and time again without trying it, but recently decided to pick one up to sample. This beer is readily available in most areas I have visited year-round, and is relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of other bottles on the market. Shane and I split the 750 ml bottle one night last week during a tasting, and served into two tulip glasses.

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Review: Lagunitas Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen0

by Mikeat 02:16 PM

Variations on wheat beers are among my favorites. They range from a stock standard Hefeweizen, to a Dunkelweizen, and the more potent Doppel Weizen. The latter of these is what I have today, and this one is from Lagunitas Brewing Company out of California. Inscribed with a story about the origin of the beer and a very inviting picture of the beer on the label, you can’t help but dive right in.

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