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Review: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin0

by Mikeat 03:41 PM

The Ballast Point Sculpin IPA has long been a favorite of hop heads everywhere and for the past couple of years they have been making the Grapefruit Sculpin variation. This 7.00% ABV, 70 IBU American IPA features a base of the Sculpin IPA with a hefty addition of grapefruit. Increasing the citrus notes on an already citrus laden IPA can only lead to good things, right?

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Review: Sly Fox 360 IPA0

by Mikeat 12:48 PM

Sly Fox Brewing Company, originally based out of Phoenixville, PA but now brewing in Pottstown, PA, will always hold a special place in my heart. As I have expressed in other reviews I have been going to Sly Fox since well before I could drink beer with my parents. They have always been innovating and producing great beers and growing with their market.

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Review: Foothills Hoppyum IPA0

by Mikeat 03:17 PM

Recently my beer adventures have been dominated by large bourbon barrel aged beers and big Double IPAs. After bombarding my palate with that stuff it is nice to sit back and sip on a good ole’ IPA. Still looking for something new, I decided to give the Hoppyum IPA from Foothills Brewing a shot. This IPA concentrates on the Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops. These hops clock the beer in at 78 IBUs and 6.25% ABV. This information is listed on the bottle for your convenience.

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Review: Starr Hill Double Platinum0

by Mikeat 07:56 PM

You may hear the name “Double Platinum” and think of the less than desirable beer created by Budweiser, but the Starr Hill Double Platinum is quite the opposite. The Double Platinum is a 8.6% ABV Imperial IPA that is dry hopped with both Simcoe and Centennial hops. It looks pretty promising and hopefully the platinum lives up to its previous metal name.

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Review: Lost Rhino Ice Breaker0

by Mikeat 08:42 PM

There are few things in the world greater than a big, hoppy IPA on a summer night. Imperial IPAs provide immense flavors, a good bitter note, crisp refreshing mouth feel, and a larger ABV hit. Imperial IPAs have long been one of my favorite styles, and tonight I’m sampling the Ice Breaker from Lost Rhino Brewing Company. The description on the Lost Rhino website ends with “Drink with caution!” so this should be just what I’m looking for.

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