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Lower the heat and turn up the ABV?0

by Nickat 10:07 AM

As the temperature starts to drop, we start to reach for the higher ABV (alcohol by volume) beers to keep us warm over the winter months. However, you may want to start to rethink that approach. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but I do have access to the Internet.

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Review: New Belgium Lips of Faith Cascara Quad0

by Mikeat 07:07 PM

The Lips of Faith series from New Belgium consists of small batches of beer brewed with what seem like crazy ingredients, some most people have never heard of. Experimenting with these beers requires faith in the brewer, because some of them are a bit off the wall. Every time I find a new Lips of Faith beer I have to give it a go, for better or worse. The next one up in my beer fridge is the Cascara Quad, a Quadrupel brewed with dates and coffee cherries added in. I have little idea what to expect from this, so it should be an interesting one.

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Episode 40: The Bruery Chocolate Rain (Video)1

by Shaneat 02:00 PM

The time has finally come for us to review the other incarnation of the highly acclaimed Black Tuesday. We generously received a bottle of Chocolate Rain from Scott Marcoly out in California, so first and foremost thank you so much for sending this! Chocolate Rain is a 19.50% ABV Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs and vanilla beans aged in bourbon barrels.

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Review: The Lost Abbey Deliverance0

by Nickat 02:09 PM

It’s not often I see a small 375ml bottle with a pricetag around $15.00 USD, so curiously I went over to check it out. The reveal was The Lost Abbey’s Deliverance, which is a subtle combination of the Serpent Stout aged in bourbon barrels and Angel’s Share aged in brandy barrels. Being a fan of both beers and bourbon, this was an easy decision.

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Review: Samuel Adams Griffin’s Bow Barleywine0

by Mikeat 03:24 PM

Barleywines can be hit or miss for me, I either love it or can do without it. When you get a good Barleywine it hits all the perfect notes and you just want more of it. Sam Adam’s most recent entry in the world of Barleywines is the Griffin’s Bow, which is an 11.5% ABV oak-aged Barleywine. Promising notes of honeysuckle, pineapple, brown sugar, and toffee, it looks good on the outside.

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