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Breckenridge Brewery mocks “Big Beer”0

by Shaneat 11:39 AM

(Denver, CO) – Breckenridge Brewery gets witty with a handful of new commercial spots that will air “on Denver Fox affiliate KDVR during local news and Broncos football games,” says AdAge. These parody shorts take aim at the marketing points and techniques of the ‘big beer’ companies including stabs at coldness, hopping and more.

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Ithaca to brew Phish-inspired Stash IPA1

by Shaneat 08:51 AM

Ithaca Beer Company out of New York is set to brew a, you guessed it, Phish-inspired IPA called Stash. The beer is scheduled to be released in early June, as a special one-off production available on draft only in extremely limited distribution. The official press release from Ithaca Beer is after the break.

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Lost Abbey Red Poppy 2011 Release0

by Shaneat 11:03 AM

Lost Abbey’s Red Poppy, a Flanders Red, is gearing up for its seasonal release. For the first time, Red Poppy will be entered into Lost Abbey’s full distribution network. More details from the brewery

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Weyerbacher to Revive Blasphemy this Spring0

by Shaneat 09:42 AM

Weyerbacher Brewing Company, out of local Easton, PA, has announced plans to bring back their Quadrupel, Blasphemy this Spring. From a posting on Beer Advocate, Founder & President Dan Weirback explains their plans for a May 2011 release.

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Victory recalls Helios batches0

by Shaneat 09:45 AM

Victory Brewing Company out of Downingtown, PA have issued a recall on some 2009 batches of their Helios Ale. The recall was initiated by Victory yesterday after conducting tests on some bottle conditioned batches that have over-carbonated due to a self-proclaimed flaw in the bottle conditioning process.

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