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Review: John Henry West Indies Pale Ale0

by Nickat 02:20 PM

I have been on a barrel-aged beer kick recently so I grabbed a bottle of Cold Spring Brewing Company’s John Henry West Indies Pale Ale, an American Strong Ale aged on rum spirals. Okay, so this one isn’t technically barrel-aged, but there is wood. These also come in at a great value – hopefully the contents justify that statement.

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Review: Firestone Walker Double DBA0

by Nickat 10:06 PM

Shane and I recently shared a bottle of the limited release Double DBA (Double Barrel Ale) from Firestone Walker. The Double DBA is part of the Proprietor’s Reserve Series, Batch No. 001. Released at the end of July into distribution, this is dubbed a Barrel-Aged Imperial Extra Special Bitter, housed for 12 months in a combination of new American oak barrels and retired bourbon barrels.

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Review: The Lost Abbey Deliverance0

by Nickat 02:09 PM

It’s not often I see a small 375ml bottle with a pricetag around $15.00 USD, so curiously I went over to check it out. The reveal was The Lost Abbey’s Deliverance, which is a subtle combination of the Serpent Stout aged in bourbon barrels and Angel’s Share aged in brandy barrels. Being a fan of both beers and bourbon, this was an easy decision.

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Review: Lagunitas Lucky 13.alt1

by Shaneat 12:02 PM

As deceptive as the label text from this 22 ounce bottle would seem, “.alt” is actually not a reference to the style of beer. Commonly being confused and considered an Altbier, Lagunitas Lucky 13.alt is a Strong Ale of sorts. The .alt is actually a reference to alt.* newsgroups of the past. With my expectations properly adjusted for the style, Nick and I split the bottle into two glasses for review.

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Review: Boulevard Chocolate Ale1

by Nickat 12:08 PM

I was fortunate enough to recently get my hands on a bottle of Boulevard Brewing Company’s Chocolate Ale. This 9.1% ABV American Strong Ale was brewed in “collaboration” with Christopher Elbow of Elbow Chocolates. The corked and caged 750ml bottle of this limited, one time release, was an awesome gesture from Bill Moran -  so, thanks!

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