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Review: Rising Tide Ursa Minor0

by Mikeat 02:16 PM

Portland, Maine has a thriving restaurant and brewing scene and is often overlooked by the uninformed. Breweries in Portland have been churning out some awesome beers for many years. One of those breweries is Rising Tide Brewing and tonight I’m sampling their Ursa Minor stout. The label describes this beer as a Weizen Stout brewed with “wheat-beer” yeast along with dark crystal and roasted malts. That all checks out, time to dive in.

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Review: Sixpoint Diesel1

by Nickat 01:44 PM

Browsing around my local beer store recently, for nothing in particular mind you, there was one 4-pack that I gravitated towards almost immediately: Diesel from Sixpoint out of Brooklyn, NY. Diesel is Sixpoint’s latest offering available on tap in many locations around the northeast and in cans in most places where Sixpoint is sold.

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Review: Bootlegger’s Black Phoenix0

by Shaneat 11:17 AM

If there’s one intriguing concept about American craft beer, it’s the realm of “Chile Beers” – that is, beers brewed with (hot) peppers. While I haven’t had too many that can masterfully blend beer and peppers, there are a few, and the most recent example is Bootlegger’s Brewery Black Phoenix. This beer, a Chile Beer/Stout, is brewed with coffee and chipotle peppers – a blending pulled off quite well.

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Review: Fort Collins Chocolate Stout0

by Nickat 11:10 AM

I was in the mood to warm myself up on this mild, dreary spring day with a nice Chocolate Stout from Fort Collins Brewery. Situated in, yep you guessed it, Fort Collins, Colorado – the brewery shares the city with other great microbreweries including Odell Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company.

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Review: Penobscot Bay Half Moon Stout0

by Mikeat 09:46 AM

The final review of the four beers from Penobscot Bay Brewery is the Half Moon Stout, a 5.5% ABV Stout in, what else, a 220z bottle. The brewery’s website says that the Half Moon Stout is based on an old Porter recipe described as brave, proud, or “stout.” The beer is named after the vessel that Henry Hudson was in when he entered the Penobscot Bay in 1609. Enough history, time for the beer.

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