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Review: Orkney Skull Splitter0

by Mikeat 11:02 AM

Skull Splitter. Skull Splitter. Such a good name for a beer that I had to say it twice. This one almost jumped off the shelf and into my hands, without even finding out what it is. So what is it? The Skull Splitter is a 8.5% ABV Scotch/Wee Heavy ale from Orkney Brewery in Scotland. The bottle is adorned with an angry looking viking, arms crossed over his axe. Let’s see if the beer can live up to such a great name, and label adornment.

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Review: Samuel Adams Wee Heavy1

by Nickat 07:29 PM

For the past few weeks, I kept passing over the 4-pack of the Imperial Series Wee Heavy from Samuel Adams and every time it called my name. Seeing the pack again tonight, I ended up biting the bullet and picked it up. The beer touts itself as a Wee Heavy/Imperial Scotch Ale at an impressive 10% ABV.

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Review: Philadelphia Kilty Pleasure0

by Nickat 10:35 AM

Philadelphia Brewing Company, one of my local favorites, released their newest beer in their “Select Ale Series.” Kilty Pleasure, a Scotch Ale, reads in at 8% ABV, respectable for the style. After recently having their winter seasonal Shackamaximum, an Imperial Stout, I’m excited to see yet another intriguing addition to their line-up of stellar beers.

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Review: Founders Backwoods Bastard ‘090

by Shaneat 10:26 AM

Being a huge fan of Founders, there was no doubt in my mind one of my favorite new styles, Scotch Ale, would make my palate dance. This bottle, 10/5/2009, has had some time to age and mellow out, and undoubtedly will change certain aspects of the flavor profile.

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Review: Penobscot Bay Old Factory Whistle Scottish Ale3

by Mikeat 11:04 AM

After a long weekend of moving, it’s nice to settle down with a beer and relax on a Sunday night. Thinking that it would be the perfect beer for the occasion, I chose the Penobscot Bay Old Factory Whistle Scottish Ale from the “to be reviewed” area of my fridge.

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