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Review: Flying Bison Rusty Chain0

by Mikeat 02:57 PM

Good beer and cycling somehow seem to go hand and hand. At every bike race I have been to, amateur or professional, there is always craft beer. Breweries often partner with cycling teams or sponsor events. In this vein comes the Rusty Chain from Flying Bison Brewing Company, a beer brewed to promote cycling in the Buffalo, NY area. The Rusty Chain is a Vienna style Amber Ale that offers some good malt flavors, and no rust.

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Review: Lagunitas Censored0

by Mikeat 05:25 PM

Censored is an odd name for a beer, but Lagunitas offers this explanation: “The original name of this original ale was originally derived from an origin so heinous that we cannot reveal its aboriginal oregano.” Hmm…wonder what it was. For now I’ll play along and call it Censored. This should be a more malt forward beer, but hopefully not sticky sweet. It should also present itself as a good fall beer. Time to dive in.

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Review: New Glarus Snowshoe Ale0

by Mikeat 04:08 PM

Beers that have a good malt element that bring a warming feeling are perfect for the first few days of Fall. One beer trying to fill this need is the Snowshoe Ale from New Glarus in Wisconson. The bottle describes a blend of American and German malts creating a rich malt flavor, with Yakima Golding and Bavarian Hallertau hops to warm things up a bit. I can’t wait to drive right into this one.

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Review: Ska Pinstripe Red Ale0

by Nickat 03:05 PM

One of my favorite breweries that simply doesn’t distribute to Philadelphia is Ska Brewing Company in Colorado. They make, in my opinion, one of the most delicious hoppy IPAs out there, Modus Hoperandi. When I was on vacation I picked up two 12 ounce bottles of their Pinstripe Red Ale, which is part of their flagship line.

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Review: Tröegs HopBack Amber0

by Shaneat 01:49 PM

Tröegs HopBack is their year-round and sometimes overlooked Amber / Red Ale. Admittedly, it wasn’t until very recently that I got around to trying this beer that’s always available. Perhaps it was my longing for more Nugget Nectar but nonetheless, HopBack is a flavorful, cheap and easy to find beer — as well as a welcoming change of pace from the summer Wheat beers.

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