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Review: Wagner Valley Sugar House Maple Porter0

by Mikeat 03:05 PM

While zooming around the Finger Lakes region of New York with my family a few weeks ago on a wine tour, we stumbled upon the best of both worlds – a winery with a brewery attached. The winery was Wagner Vineyards and the brewery is Wagner Valley Brewing. Splitting from the main group with a few others I sampled all the beers that Wagner Valley had to offer that day. One of those was the Sugar House Maple Porter, which I slipped a bottle of it into a mixed six pack planning to review.

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Review: Three Heads Java Sutra0

by Nickat 03:53 PM

Three Heads Brewing Co. out of Rochester, New York has been in business for a few years now. They started out active on beer review websites and decided to open up their own brewery. They recently reached my local market and I recently grabbed a bottle of their Java Sutra Coffee Porter.

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Review: Spring House Pecan Sandie Porter0

by Nickat 05:55 PM

After changing my kegerator from a single tap system to a dual tap tower, I had to get a new keg. In the spirit of supporting a local brewery that I thoroughly enjoy, I made the trip out towards Lancaster, PA to get a keg of the Spring House Pecan Sandie Porter. This review is based off this sixtel that I brought home with me.

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Review: Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald0

by Nickat 09:15 PM

I have really enjoyed many of the beers Great Lakes produces ever since I got into the craft beer scene. Unfortunately, it has taken me years to actually sit down and review one. Today, I’m doing just that with their highly acclaimed (world class ratings on Beer Advocate) Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, an American-style Porter at 5.8% ABV.

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Review: Three Heads Brewing Java Sutra0

by Mikeat 04:15 PM

Coffee porters and stouts are becoming increasingly common in the craft beer universe, so a beer has to do a lot to stand out from the crowd. This can be done by adding new elements, balancing flavors, or doing something completely off the wall. Three Heads Brewing bills the Java Sutra as a marriage between hops, barley, and coffee. Driving this point home is the fun illustration on the bottle.

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