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Review: Dark Horse One0

by Mikeat 01:41 PM

I was asked the other day if I stop drinking Stouts when the weather gets warm. My answer? “Nope.” Yeah, I may drink a few less but stop drinking them altogether? Ha! In keeping with this, I have the Dark Horse One Oatmeal Stout. Oatmeal Stouts are normally smooth, full bodied and have a hint of sweetness. Is this Oatmeal Stout the “one” — there’s only one way to tell.

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Review: New Holland The Poet0

by Mikeat 01:16 PM

A dark Stout called The Poet with a raven on the label conjures up images of dark, creepy poems with beating hearts and swinging pendulums; luckily this beer is a bit more inviting. We have reviewed some other New Holland beers in the past and have been satisfied by their brews, let’s see if The Poet can continue the trend.

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Review: Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout1

by Mikeat 10:28 AM

Samuel Smith, founded in 1758, is one of the oldest breweries that has appeared on this site. It goes without saying that a lot of older European breweries have failed to remain independent and stick to their traditions. Luckily, Samuel Smith has managed to remain independent and continues to produce quality beer.

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