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Review: 4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout0

by Shaneat 02:35 PM

The milk or sweet stout style is one I don’t overindulge in, partially because of their sweeter nature but I certainly don’t mind enjoying one every once in a while. The latest one I found was from 4 Hands Brewing Co. out of Saint Louis, Missouri called “Chocolate Milk Stout.” As you can imagine, this beer has the addition of cacao nibs in the barrel.

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Review: Lift Bridge Irish Coffee Stout0

by Shaneat 02:36 PM

Lift Bridge is a brewery brand new to me, and for good reason. From my most recent research they are only found in Minnesota and some parts of Wisconsin. Recently I received the Irish Coffee Stout in a Beer It Forward exchange on Beer Advocate from Dan – thanks! This 8% ABV is a blending of 65% milk stout, 35% barrel aged imperial and then infused with cold pressed coffee.

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Review: Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout0

by Shaneat 02:22 PM

Earlier this year, Stone Brewing Company held their “March Madness Homebrew Competition,” with around 40 different submissions that were judged. The winners, Jason Fields and Kevin Sheppard, entered their Cherry Chocolate Stout and left with a collaboration beer that hit shelves. In collaboration with Stone and Tröegs, Fields and Sheppard brewed this beer with a blend of dark-roasted specialty malts, Callebaut chocolate liquor, vanilla beans, and 9000 pounds of dark and tart cherries.

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