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Review: Flying Dog Under Dog Atlantic Lager0

by Mikeat 03:42 PM

There is something to be said for an easy drinking, sessionable lager. Easy drinking beers don’t have to be the macro-brewed yellow water that fills the kegs and fridges at frat parties. They can be flavorful with the lightness and low alcohol that makes session beers possible. In this vein there is the Under Dog Atlantic Lager from Flying Dog. This American Pale Lager clocks in at 4.7% ABV and should hopefully fit the bill of an easy drinking lager.

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Review: Great Lakes Eliot Ness0

by Nickat 04:29 PM

The Eliot Ness handcrafted lager from Great Lakes Brewing Co. is homage to the famous prohibition officer by the same name. Ness was the leader of the Untouchables who worked to shut down Al Capone’s illegal activities. This review is taken from a 12 oz bottle that I had in my Great Lakes Variety pack (an awesome deal, by the way).

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Review: Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan4

by Mikeat 01:02 PM

Summer, though it may not feel like it, is slowly coming to an end. This means that summer seasonal beers are on their way out at the fall seasonals are on their way in. I, for one, am not ready to admit that the seasonal change is upon us, so today I have the Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan Imperial Pale Lager, the summer seasonal of Southern Tier’s Imperial series.

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Review: Straub’s Special Dark0

by Mikeat 01:21 PM

There was a period of time before prohibition when local breweries abounded, there was no decently populated area that did not have a local brewery. These local breweries were an important part of their community, and the locals were fiercely loyal to their beer. One brewery, founded in the late 1800’s, keeping the tradition of a local beer alive is Straub’s in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. Thanks to a friend who is originally from the area I have the Straub’s Special Dark to review today.

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