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Review: Sierra Nevada Kellerweis0

by Mikeat 08:02 PM

Sierra Nevada is one of those breweries that you can always count on to produce a good product. Their Kellerweis is one of my favorites and is pretty easy to find year round. The Kellerweis is a rather interesting beer as it brewed using traditional Bavarian style open fermentation, which is exceedingly rare in the United States. With that story in mind, onward to the drinking.

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Review: Starr Hill The Love1

by Mikeat 11:58 AM

I first became aware of Starr Hill Brewery when I went to a Northern Virginia beer festival. There I sampled The Love, along with a few other offerings, for the first time. A few months later and it became an “always-on draft” offering at my local beer bar. The Love is a 4.6% ABV Hefeweizen with plenty of citrus and is certainly worthy of a review.

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Review: Michigan Brewing Wheatland0

by Mikeat 01:20 PM

It has been hot in Washington, DC this summer. Super hot, like the hottest July on record hot. So I have been completely avoiding Porters and Stouts in favor of more appropriate brews. One of these is the Wheatland from Michigan Brewing Company. This 5% ABV Hefeweizen should be a fairly classic representation of the style with plenty of refreshing wheat and some nice spice notes.

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Review: Flensburger Weizen1

by Nickat 11:15 AM

Flensburger Brauerei based out of Germany is one of the last country-wide operating breweries not owned by one of the larger macrobreweries.   Founded in 1888,  it is still family run by the founder’s families Petersen and Dethleffsen today. Generously given to me by Carl (thanks!) is their Weizen in a swing top 355 ml bottle.

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Review: Penobscot Bay Meadow Road Wheat2

by Mikeat 11:07 AM

My tour of the beers from Penobscot Bay Brewery in Winterport Maine continues with the Meadow Road Wheat Beer. The brewery bills this beer as being a true Hefeweizen, so I’m expecting a some nice banana and citrus flavors with a good bready yeast and wheat backbone.

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