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Review: Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale0

by Mikeat 11:32 AM

Every now and then you have to wander away from your comfort zone as a beer drinker and select something that is a little “out there.” That is what I did when I found the Morimoto Soba Ale from Rogue. This beer is part of a series of beers brewed by Rogue in partnership with Chef Masaharu Morimoto, the other beers include an Imperial Pilsner and a Black Obi Soba Ale.

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Review: New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red0

by Shaneat 12:22 PM

I have to admit, from time to time I really enjoy a very fruit-forward beer. Two of the most iconic beers in this style come from New Glarus Brewing Co. in, you guessed it, New Glarus, Wisconsin. Their Wisconsin Belgian Red is an extreme fruit beer with over a pound of Door County cherries in each bottle. Each bottle!

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Review: Spring House Little Gruesome (aka PB&J)3

by Shaneat 11:34 AM

Local brewery Spring House Brewing Co. makes some seriously unique and interesting “small batch” beers available only at their pub. Recently, I visited their Taproom in Lancaster, PA and enjoyed one such beer: Little Gruesome (aka PB&J). Yes, that’s right – Peanut Butter & Jelly…in a beer. This was, in fact, the beer that made me visit after seeing it on their tap list.

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Review: Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve3

by Shaneat 11:58 AM

I’ve had the 750ml caged and corked bottle of Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve sitting around for a few months now. Last night, with friends and family around, it felt like a great time to finally open this one up. And mind you, I’m no stranger to the Black Raspberry Reserve. I’ve enjoyed this both on draft at the Sly Fox pub in Royersford, PA and also in the bottle.

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Review: Magic Hat Wacko1

by Nickat 09:24 AM

Wacko Magic Hat does it again? Yes they do! Do yourself a favor and read on before judging this one. Magic Hat has been in the micro-brewing scene since 1994, based out of Vermont. The  Wacko doesn’t pack much of a punch at 4.5% ABV but that’s to be expected for a summer seasonal.

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