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Review: Stillwater Folklore Ale0

by Nickat 03:22 PM

Stillwater Artisanal Ales run by Brian Stillwater could be described as a gypsy brewer, traveling and brewing his beer all over. However, don’t let that deter you from tasting some of their wonderful ales. Recently I grabbed a bottle of the Folklore Mythic Tradition Ale, dressed with an image of a devil on the label, perhaps implying it’s devilishly evil beer? Let’s find out.

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Review: Ridgeway Brewing Lump of Coal0

by Mikeat 02:25 PM

Even though the holiday season is over you can still readily find holiday beers in your local store. And while they may have a holiday theme, they still make great beers for the winter season. This happened to me recently when I stumbled upon the Lump of Coal from Ridgeway Brewing. Ridgeway hails from the far away land of the United Kingdom and I haven’t sampled any holiday offerings from overseas (that I can think of), so this was certainly one that I had to try.
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Review: Flying Fish Exit 130

by Shaneat 11:30 AM

Flying Fish has been recently working on a multi-year “brewing experiment” calling their Exit Series. Previously, Nick and I did a video review of their Exit 6 Wallonian Rye and today, I’m taking a look at the Exit 13 Chocolate Stout. Named for a famous stop off the exit, Port of Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, Flying Fish describes its significance: “Many food products come through the port, including the Belgian chocolate we’re using for what we’re calling an import/ export stout.”

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