Category Flanders Red

Review: Duchesse De Bourgogne2

by Nickat 07:54 PM

I had Duchesse De Bourgogne on-tap my very first time trying the beer and fell in love. Shane previously reviewed this beer on draft, so I’ll be reviewing the bottle after recently picking up a gift set of two bottles and matching glass. The beer is fermented in previously used oak wine barrels and is a blend of eight and eighteen month old ales matured in oak barrels.

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Review: Rodenbach Grand Cru0

by Shaneat 01:26 PM

Rodenbach Grand Cru, brewed in Belgium by Brouwerij Rodenbach N.V., is one of the top Flanders Red Ales widely available and respectably priced. Fortunately for me, 750 ml corked and caged bottles of these are at my disposal. While my enjoyment for the Rodenbach Grand Cru is large, this is probably best enjoyed if you share the bottle.

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