Category English Stout

Review: Flying Dog Pearl Necklace1

by Mikeat 03:11 PM

Oyster stouts have always been a, “Oh that’s pretty cool” beer for me and only recently have I begun seeking them out. They offer another twist on my favorite malt-centric style, bringing a bit of ocean saltiness and brine into play. When these flavors are kept local (to me), as with the Flying Dog Pearl Necklace, it makes it all the more irresistible.

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Review: Yards Chocolate Love Stout0

by Nickat 03:10 PM

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I shared a bottle of the Yards Chocolate Love Stout with my fiancée. It came in a 750 ml bottle with similar artwork to their Love Stout, which is a draft only oyster stout. The Chocolate Love Stout is exactly as one would envision, their year round Love Stout aged on cocoa nibs (and vanilla beans).
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