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Review: Clown Shoes & Brash Brewing Pimp0

by Mikeat 02:46 PM

Seventies style on the bottle, a killer name, and a great idea. That is the Pimp, a Brown Ale from Clown Shoes and Brash Brewing. To make Pimp, Clown Shoes and Brash Brewing teamed up and each brewed a brown ale, then blended them together. This method could produce an amazing beer, or one that clashes.

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Review: 8 Wired C4 Double Coffee Brown Ale0

by Shaneat 02:35 PM

My top three favorite beverages are water, coffee, and beer. So naturally I search out any coffee-infused beer that I can. Recently, I came across the C4 Double Coffee Brown Ale from 8 Wired Brewing Co. out of New Zealand. I’ve had a few of 8 Wired’s offerings in the past, and remember enjoying them. Plus this was a new coffee beer for me, so I was already sold.

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Review: Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown0

by Shaneat 08:01 PM

The latest release in the Founders Backstage Series is their Frangelic Mountain Brown, an American Brown Ale brewed with hazelnut flavored coffee. I’m always intrigued to try anything new in their series, and while I really have no interest in basic Brown Ales, the addition of the flavored coffee is enough to get my attention. Never having had Founders’ take on a Brown Ale and always enjoying their products, I’m intrigued to see how this turns out.

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Review: Mikkeller Jackie Brown0

by Mikeat 02:15 PM

Mikkeller is always produces interesting beers, and we have reviewed several of them in the past. I picked up the Jackie Brown on a whim, thinking that the plain label would mean it is a standard brown ale. After some research this may turn out to be a very interesting beer, as Mikkeller adds plenty of hops and plays with the malts a bit.

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Review: Kona Brewing Koko Brown0

by Mikeat 11:53 AM

Another of the four beers I got from Hawaii, and the second so far to be reviewed, is the Koko Brown from Kona Brewing Company. As with the CoCoNut Porter from Maui Brewing Company, the Koko Brown is brewed with toasted coconuts. Kona is larger than Maui Brewing Company, and some of their offerings can be found on the East Coast.

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