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Review: Bud Light0

by Nickat 10:42 AM

Let me start off by saying this brew was a gem! I immediately fell in love with this beer as soon as I saw the price tag. Cheap, inexpensive, and it has alcohol in it; what more could a beer lover ask for? After deciding to pick up a six pack of Bud Light I was excited to crack open my first one.

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Review: Coors Light1

by Shaneat 08:12 AM

Like Mike, small craft breweries are my favorite, but every now and then there comes a beer that just dominates the playing field. Recently, I tried the refreshing, ice-cold (like the Rockies), Coors Light. It was straight out of bottle that changed colors to tell me it’s cold enough to drink! And boy is it cold. Almost frozen, actually.

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Review: Miller Lite0

by Mikeat 07:39 AM

I’m normally a fan of small breweries, but after seeing all of the wonderful advertisements informing me of how good and unique the triple hops brewed technology used to make Miller Lite is I had to give it a go. Miller Lite also sponsors several sporting events that I enjoy watching, but I’ll try not to let that persuade my review.

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