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Review: Southern Tier Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale0

by Mikeat 03:14 PM

The Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale from Southern Tier is billed as being a classic American style Pale Ale, and there is nothing wrong with any of that. Brewed with three types of hops and three types of malt there should be a good depth of flavor and balance. Being a standard Pale Ale, it should also be approachable. All this combined makes the Phin and Matt’s a beer that I’m excited to dive into.

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Review: Lancaster Amish Four Grain Pale Ale0

by Mikeat 03:48 PM

Many members of my family went to college in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Lancaster Brewing Company has been a must hit spot whenever we are in the area. One of my favorites to pick up is the Amish Four Grain Pale Ale which promises to be well balanced yet complex enough for the style.

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Review: Chameleon Hop On Top0

by Mikeat 03:56 PM

Every now and then a beer crosses my path from a brewery that I have never heard of, as was the case with the Hop on Top from Chameleon Brewing Company. Feeling that every brewery deserves a shot, well know or not, I decided the 4.2% APA from Glendale, Wisconsin was worthy of a review.

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Review: New Glarus Moon Man0

by Mikeat 12:16 PM

Traveling family is really a wonderful thing, especially when they travel to states with good beer. My sister was recently in Wisconson and brought me back a sampling of beer from a few breweries. First up is the Moon Man APA from New Glarus Brewing Company. Billed as a good session beer with a blend of five hops and a malty backbone, this should be a nice refreshing beer.

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Review: Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale2

by Mikeat 11:44 AM

The fourth and final beer in my brew tour of Hawaii comes from Kona Brewing Company. The Fire Rock Pale Ale is a 5.8% ABV American Pale Ale brewed with a “unique blend of specialty roasted malts” and Galena, Cascade & Mt. Hood hops. This should all lead to some good hop notes with nice malts backing it up.

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