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Announcing Passion Beer Land0

by Mikeat 10:24 AM

Things have been a bit quiet here at Passion Beer over the past few weeks because we have been working with our investors on something big. We have been able to secure a large amount of funding to pursue a long held dream of ours, opening our own theme park. Combined with our own fortunes and the investor funding we have purchased a 250 acre property in Montgomery County, PA outside of Philadelphia to build our dream.

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A Very Special Announcement3

by Shaneat 11:21 AM

Friends and fans:

It is my great honor to announce the next step for the future of Passion Beer. Over the past year, we’ve worked hard at developing a brand based upon our love for the craft beer industry. Through this, we’ve been able to work through growing pains and have effectively established our name through social media outlets. In light of this, new and exciting changes are coming.

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Happy 1st Birthday!1

by Shaneat 11:10 AM

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since we first opened the Passion Beer website but that day has come. Today, Passion Beer turns 1 year old! And to celebrate the occasion, I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight some important milestones we’ve reached in one year and also where we plan to go in the following year.

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Danstar recalls Nottingham Dry Yeast0

by Shaneat 01:49 PM

I received an e-mail today from my LHBS (local home brew store) regarding a recall issued by Danstar Lallemand, for their Nottingham dry yeast. The recall comes after Lallemand received numerous complaints from varied geographic areas.

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Congratulations Maggie O. Winner of the $50 Victory Contest!0

by Shaneat 06:47 PM

Congratulations to Maggie O. for being the chosen winner of our $50 Victory Brewing Company gift card contest! A big “thank you” to everyone who submitted via our website and also on Twitter. We appreciate all the entries and are ready to do more contests in the near future!

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