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Review: Victory Kirsch Gose0

by Nickat 12:43 PM

It’s Spring again! As usual, that means more seasonal beers are starting to hit the shelves. Victory Brewing Company released a great Spring seasonal this year called Kirsch Gose. It’s brewed using the traditional German process for an unfiltered wheat beer with the addition of coriander, salt and cherries.

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Lower the heat and turn up the ABV?0

by Nickat 10:07 AM

As the temperature starts to drop, we start to reach for the higher ABV (alcohol by volume) beers to keep us warm over the winter months. However, you may want to start to rethink that approach. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but I do have access to the Internet.

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Undrink The Beer – Challenge Accepted by Nick0

by Nickat 01:32 PM

Mike issued Shane and I a challenge to “Undrink The Beer” in a recent article. The idea of being able to reset my expectations on a beer really made me think of many of the thousand plus unique beers I have had. For this article, I will focus on what I call my Top 5, in no particular order.

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Review: John Henry West Indies Pale Ale0

by Nickat 02:20 PM

I have been on a barrel-aged beer kick recently so I grabbed a bottle of Cold Spring Brewing Company’s John Henry West Indies Pale Ale, an American Strong Ale aged on rum spirals. Okay, so this one isn’t technically barrel-aged, but there is wood. These also come in at a great value – hopefully the contents justify that statement.

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Review: Victory White Monkey0

by Nickat 03:16 PM

Shane was nice enough to share a few bottles from his case of the limited White Monkey from Victory Brewing Co. in Downingtown, PA. White Monkey starts with the base beer, Golden Monkey, and then ages it in oak chardonnay barrels for a few months. Hopefully the result is something as good, or better, than the original.

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