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Shane Holland, Editor-in-Chief

Breweries: De Garde, Cantillon, Tired Hands
Imperial Stout, Wild Ale/Lambic, IPA

Passion Beer is owned and operated by beer-enthusiast and web developer Shane Holland. His passion for beer started while he was in college and quickly became more intrigued by flavorful and unique craft beer. Since then, he has been on a mission to try new and exciting craft beer and help promote individual brewmasters, brewpubs and microbreweries. Currently, he works and resides outside of the Philadelphia area.

Mike Hoff, Senior Writer

Breweries: Dogfish Head, Bells, Victory
IPA, Stout, Hefeweizen

Ever since his first beer, Mike has been hooked on craft beer. His passion for a quality brew has developed over the years and he continues to seek out the new, weird, and wonderful in the world of beer. He endlessly promotes craft beer and microbreweries and continually tries to turn people away from second rate national brands. Mike lives and works in the DC Metro area and can normally be found with a camera around his neck and a beer in hand.

Nick Robin, Senior Writer

Breweries: Dogfish Head, Brew Works, Oskar Blues
IPA, Belgians, Seasonals

Nick grew up in the greater Philadelphia area and has always had an admiration for beer. He developed his true palate for well crafted beers while performing his studies in college. He currently works and resides in the Philadelphia suburbs. His true passion for craft beer has led him on many trips to find truly great beer, in great places.

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