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  • on 06.10.2015
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Review: Cantillon Iris (2013)0

fact sheet

  • Style: Unblended Lambic
  • Serving: Bottle
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • ABV: 5.00%

Brasserie Cantillon, the Belgian brewery that stole the hearts of many beer lovers, is one of my favorite breweries in existence. Unfortunately, procuring bottles “off the shelf” from them has become incredibly difficult in the past five years, at least in the US. They’re readily available for on-site consumption at multiple Philadelphia area bars, but enjoying a bottle in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want, is a real treat.

Just the other night I opened a 2013 vintage of their Iris, an unblended lambic that is fresh hopped for two weeks prior to bottling. Served from the 750 ml bottle into my brand new matching Iris logo glass (see title photo), Iris pours with a amber colored body and ample slightly off-white head. Retention is minimal with some occasional splotches of foam left on the glass walls.

The nose has a sharp hoppiness up front, unusual of what you’d expect from a lambic (which are usually made solely with “old” hops so they do not impart much/if any hop flavor). That is followed by the classic Cantillon funk, some biscuit-like malt, flowers and a bit of caramelized malt. The palate leads with a rush of a funky, slightly tart flavor. The hops are here again, along with a solid malt backbone towards the finish. It is a bit floral, too.

I’ve had Iris at different stages, this bottle was around (or a little over) the two year mark, and I have to say this might be in an odd place right now. The hops are fading but are almost getting a bit muddled. I really enjoyed this beer quite fresh, and assume this will be really great around the five year mark as well. Certainly, without question, a beer to seek out from the world famous Brasserie Cantillon if you can.


out of 100

Shane Holland is the Editor-in-Chief for Passion Beer.

He is a self-proclaimed craft beer geek and an all around lovable dork. He loves homebrewing, everything Philadelphia, traveling and enjoying the pleasures of life.

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