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  • on 02.05.2015
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Back to Basics1

When I first got into craft beer everything was new and exciting to try, and at the time most people were the same way. A lot of breweries weren’t pumping out rare and seasonal beers like they are now, so you explored their core/flagship beers. Now, thanks to increased popularity and better distribution, many beer drinkers are focused mostly on trying new and rare beers.

Craft beer drinkers now largely ignore the core beers that brewers spend the majority of their time making. These are the beers that need to be made the same way, batch after batch, requiring attention to detail and great skill. Sure one-offs and seasonal beers take great skill as well, but people are more accepting of variations in flavor from year to year.

I am not knocking the trend of creating amazing seasonal or special release beers, I love them and stand in line for them just like any other beer nerd. But when was the last time you ordered a Dogfish Head 90 Minute, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or a Victory Prima Pils in favor of another rare or limited release beer on the menu? These core beers are great examples of their styles, yet as we become more and more engrossed in the craft beer world we begin to ignore them.

My point is this, let’s take some time and appreciate these beers. Let’s get back to basics. I issue you a challenge, for a week or even just a weekend, just drink the core/flagship beers from your favorite breweries. Rediscover some great beers that you can get anytime you want. Don’t skip over that six-pack because “oh I have had that a lot” even though you can’t remember the last time you had it. Give it a shot, your palate (and wallet) will thank you.

Mike Hoff is a Senior Writer for Passion Beer.

He is always seeking out the new, weird and wonderful in the world of beer. When he is not writing for the site, you can normally find him with a camera around his neck and a beer in hand.

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  1. Shane says:

    Great idea, Mike. The title picture is making me crave some Dogfish Head 90 Minute right now. I haven’t had this beer in quite some time. I’ll accept your challenge, and do a drinking session with some 90 Minute in the very near future.

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