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Review: Flying Dog Under Dog Atlantic Lager0

by Mikeat 03:42 PM

There is something to be said for an easy drinking, sessionable lager. Easy drinking beers don’t have to be the macro-brewed yellow water that fills the kegs and fridges at frat parties. They can be flavorful with the lightness and low alcohol that makes session beers possible. In this vein there is the Under Dog Atlantic Lager from Flying Dog. This American Pale Lager clocks in at 4.7% ABV and should hopefully fit the bill of an easy drinking lager.

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Review: Tired Hands Guillemot Nebula0

by Shaneat 02:28 PM

Tired Hands, the small local brewery that is gaining much attention from beer geeks everywhere, recently released their bottled Guillemot beers this past Sunday. As unfortunate as it was I could not attend, my friend Jason did and he graciously opened one of the beers. The Guillemot Nebula is blended barrel aged, soured Guillemot (dark saison), with 50% aged in Jim Bean bourbon barrels and 50% aged in Chaddsford red wine barrels.

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Review: Yards Chocolate Love Stout0

by Nickat 03:10 PM

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I shared a bottle of the Yards Chocolate Love Stout with my fiancée. It came in a 750 ml bottle with similar artwork to their Love Stout, which is a draft only oyster stout. The Chocolate Love Stout is exactly as one would envision, their year round Love Stout aged on cocoa nibs (and vanilla beans).
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Review: Goose Island Night Stalker0

by Mikeat 03:44 PM

Big Imperial Stouts are mainstay of my winter beer fridge. With their bold robust flavors, warming characteristics, and filling mouth feel they make a great winter beer. One that I have been interested in trying for a while is Night Stalker from Goose Island. When I happened upon it while exploring a new beer store I had to pick up a bottle for review.

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Review: Upland Persimmon Lambic0

by Shaneat 04:08 PM

Upland Brewing Co. out of Indiana is notorious for releasing a wide variety of fruited Lambics. One I recently had the chance to try was a 2011 bottle of their Persimmon Lambic. The fruit itself is new to me, so I wasn’t really sure exactly what flavors to be expecting out of this one. A big thanks goes out to Jason for the chance to try this one.

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