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Review: Lagunitas Lucky 13.alt1

by Shaneat 12:02 PM

As deceptive as the label text from this 22 ounce bottle would seem, “.alt” is actually not a reference to the style of beer. Commonly being confused and considered an Altbier, Lagunitas Lucky 13.alt is a Strong Ale of sorts. The .alt is actually a reference to alt.* newsgroups of the past. With my expectations properly adjusted for the style, Nick and I split the bottle into two glasses for review.

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Review: Sierra Nevada Summerfest (2011)0

by Mikeat 11:02 AM

Everybody has their go to summer beer — for me a summer beer is refreshing, crisp, flavorful and easily available. One such beer I’ve found hits all these points is the Sierra Nevada Summerfest. While the recipe may not change year to year, the flavor might but for this review I’m sampling the 2011 Summerfest.

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Episode 14: The Bruery Cuir (Video)0

by Shaneat 12:25 PM

Mike is back in Philadelphia and sits down with us to take a look at The Bruery’s 3rd Anniversary beer, Cuir. This 14.50% Old Ale is created using the solera method, racking each anniversary beer on top of the remains from the previous year. This particular version of Cuir is 25% bourbon barrel aged.

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Review: Flensburger Weizen1

by Nickat 11:15 AM

Flensburger Brauerei based out of Germany is one of the last country-wide operating breweries not owned by one of the larger macrobreweries.   Founded in 1888,  it is still family run by the founder’s families Petersen and Dethleffsen today. Generously given to me by Carl (thanks!) is their Weizen in a swing top 355 ml bottle.

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Review: Lakefront Eastside Dark0

by Mikeat 12:03 PM

Lakefront Brewery out of Wisconsin only came onto my radar because of a “Beer of the Month” club. This is one of those beers that I’m blindly diving into with no expectations. The Eastside Dark is a 5.52% ABV Munich Dunkel Lager, which is a great style that can be complex and dark, but not heavy.

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