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Review: Maine Beer Co. Zoe0

by Shaneat 02:27 PM

A small brewery in Portland, ME that’s fairly new to the craft beer scene in the US is the Maine Beer Company, who are already brewing some top class beer. I recently acquired two of their four ever bottled offerings from Mike (thanks!) – Peeper Ale, an American Pale Ale and Zoe, an Amber/Red Ale at 7.2% ABV which I’ll be taking a look at today.

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Review: Victory Summer Love0

by Shaneat 02:04 PM

Victory Brewing Company released their Blonde Ale, Summer Love, for the second year after overwhelming success from it in 2010. Debuting during Philly Beer Week last year, Victory and Philadelphia’s “With Love, Philadelphia XOXO” campaign teamed up to release this beer made with pale malts, German hops and Brandywine River water.

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Episode 13: Ska Brewing Co. (Video)0

by Shaneat 09:58 AM

Nick returns from another great beer city Denver, CO with some great beer from Ska Brewing Company out west. First up is their waxed Imperial IPA, Decadent and also we take a look at their Local Series #16 Clancy’s Black Beer, a German-style Schwarzbier. Tune in for another episode of great beer from Philadelphia, PA!

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Review: Brew Dog Punk IPA0

by Nickat 11:20 AM

Famous for their Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismarck “extreme” beers, Brew Dog out of Scotland is well known for going above and beyond the barriers of brewing beer. I caved in and finally picked up a bottle of one of their flagships, The Punk IPA. It sounded and looked intriguing, and hopefully matches my expectations with some over the top bitterness.

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Review: Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast0

by Shaneat 04:03 PM

Mikkeller, the renowned brewery from Denmark, amongst their slue of intriguing beer has one that specifically caught my eye. The Rauch Geek Breakfast, also known as Beer Geek Bacon, is a “smoked” version of their regular Beer Geek Breakfast stout. Both of these beers have the base of an oatmeal stout with coffee added. The Rauch version adds a smoked element to the same beer, something I’m hoping goes over well.

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