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Belgian Beer: Abbey v. Trappist1

by Nickat 11:33 AM

Nothing screams “monk-tastic” like a nice, rich Belgian Ale. When you’re in your local distributor or bottle shop, you may notice that a few bottles say Trappist while others say Abbey. There is a distinction and history surrounding it, and I plan on attempting to break down the difference which may help you impress fellow beer geeks.

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Review: Keegan Hurricane Kitty0

by Mikeat 10:32 AM

Another day, another IPA. I feel as though I will never get tired of trying new IPAs — every brewery seems to have at least one and there are so many variations to keep things interesting. The latest IPA to come my way is the Hurricane Kitty from Keegan Ales. The Keegan Ales website describes this beer as being heavily hopped, and having a bit of an edge.

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Review: Surly Abrasive Ale0

by Shaneat 10:13 AM

One of the biggest benefits, and really the reason why I started trading, is getting to sample beer you otherwise couldn’t. Such is the case with Surly Abrasive, a 9% ABV tall-boy canned Double IPA from Minnesota. In a market of hundreds of different Double IPAs, my hope and suspicion is that Abrasive can stand on its own and prove that there’s more to Surly than Darkness.

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Review: Ithaca Thirteen0

by Shaneat 11:00 AM

In celebration of their 13th anniversary, Ithaca Beer Co. released its Excelsior series Thirteen. Somewhere in the area of a Wheatwine, Strong Ale or Wheat Ale, this commemorative 750 ml bottle is labeled Batch E!033. Judging by its rather extended description on the label, this seemed like a great choice heading into the Spring season. And thanks to Nick for sharing this one!

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Review: Boulevard Chocolate Ale1

by Nickat 12:08 PM

I was fortunate enough to recently get my hands on a bottle of Boulevard Brewing Company’s Chocolate Ale. This 9.1% ABV American Strong Ale was brewed in “collaboration” with Christopher Elbow of Elbow Chocolates. The corked and caged 750ml bottle of this limited, one time release, was an awesome gesture from Bill Moran -  so, thanks!

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