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Review: Rogue Chipotle Ale0

by Shaneat 10:06 AM

Ever since I had Dogfish Head’s Theobroma, Chile beers have been something I seek out. One of Oregon’s most well known breweries, Rogue Brewery, has recently released their Spring seasonal, Chipotle Ale. Brewed in dedication to Spanish author Juan de la Cueva, who once wrote about a Mexican dish combining chipotles and ale, this 5.5% ABV beer from Rogue sounded like something right up my alley.

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Community Not Competition5

by Mikeat 11:35 AM

Within the past year or so, the beer blogging world has become increasingly crowded and continues to grow. As more people discover craft beer the more people are going to want to talk about it, and blogging or review websites are a great outlet. As craft beer drinkers move into the blogging space, one would expect things to become more competitive but from my perspective they have not. Things have only become better.

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Review: Ithaca White Gold0

by Nickat 03:20 PM

On the latest trip to the grocery store, I was in a New York state of mind, grabbing a few varieties from the Ithaca Beer Company. The White Gold Batch E!031, a Pale Wheat Ale inside a well presented 750 ml bottle, was one to share and review. Fortunately, Shane was over to enjoy this one with me and overall, I think our sentiment about this beer was very similar.

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Review: Péché Mortel1

by Shaneat 10:34 AM

Ever since I developed a deep appreciation for Imperial Stouts, there have been a few that have eluded me. One I’ve been trying to track down was Péché Mortel from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel in Quebec, Canada. This “Imperial Stout Au Cafe” has been rated an A+ (World Class) beer by the well-known and respected Alström Brothers of Beer Advocate. And finally, I had my chance to try it.

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Review: Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar0

by Mikeat 11:11 AM

A good standard Brown Ale is something that I find hard to pass up, but when the brewer adds a twist I find it irresistible. Rogue has done this with their Hazelnut Brown Nectar, adding hazelnut aromas and flavors which should be an interesting addition to the sweeter malt elements that a Brown Ale normally brings to the table.

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