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  • on 01.21.2011
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Review: Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence0

fact sheet

  • Style: Belgian Dark
  • Serving: Bottle
  • Volume: 750ml
  • ABV: 7.00%

While recently browsing at a local bottle shop, the Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Stout caught my attention. Brewed for their 10th Anniversary in 2007, this Belgian Strong Dark Ale (or Chocolate Stout, take your pick) came inside a corked and caged 750 ml bottle. At a modest 7% ABV, I’m hoping this one drinks quite nicely, especially considering its declaration as a beer brewed for 10 years in the business.

The Chocolate Indulgence pours with an opaque dark brown/black body, topped by a beige colored head. The head settles respectably into a foam ring and leaves some seriously sticky lacing on the glass walls. The strong aromas of cocoa make the first move on the nose, accompanied by a nice subtle hint of oak. A solid malt backbone ties everything together without being overly roasted.

The taste was not entirely what I expected. Up front are more prominent cocoa powder notes with a hint of coffee beans swirled in. There are some sweet malt and toffee flavors that play well and accent the cocoa. It kind of makes you feel as if you are taking a dark, rich malty Stout and pairing it with a chocolate dessert. The body of the beer is what surprised me the most — especially when thinking of Chocolate Stouts, I tend to lean towards a medium to heavy body, though this one felt surprisingly thin.

The Chocolate Indulgence 10th Anniversary from Ommegang is a great treat to their already excellent lineup. I recommend enjoying this bottle with company and perhaps pairing with a more rich, chocolaty dessert. While it was not what I would automatically lean towards as a go-to beer, it’s a nice change of pace.


out of 100

Nick Robin is a Senior Writer for Passion Beer.

While studying in college, he learned to tune his palate in to well crafted beers, which never interfered with his studies. Now, he enjoys continually learning about anything and everything beer.

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