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Review: Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout0

by Mikeat 12:41 PM

As I have stated many times before, anything involving stouts and coffee is something that I have to try. Seeing the Cappuccino Stout from Lagunitas on tap was one of those moments. While coffee and espresso beers are common, I had yet to see one that pulls in a cappuccino flavor. I knew that the beer would follow one of two paths, they either pulled off a cappuccino flavor or it’s another regular coffee stout but the brewer wanted a name other than coffee or espresso. Hopefully it’s the first option.

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Review: Philadelphia Kilty Pleasure0

by Nickat 10:35 AM

Philadelphia Brewing Company, one of my local favorites, released their newest beer in their “Select Ale Series.” Kilty Pleasure, a Scotch Ale, reads in at 8% ABV, respectable for the style. After recently having their winter seasonal Shackamaximum, an Imperial Stout, I’m excited to see yet another intriguing addition to their line-up of stellar beers.

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Review: Schlafly #20, Volume 10

by Nickat 11:42 AM

I was fortunate enough to receive another limited, one-time release from Schlafly, their #20, Volume 1 Imperial Pilsner, brewed for their 20th Anniversary. While Pilsners aren’t typically my preferred style of choice, I was still intrigued with the beer and wanted to give it a try. Volume 1 is the first of four beers in this “series” to come out — with the other two scheduled to be released this year.

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Review: 21st Amendment Hell Or High Watermelon5

by Mikeat 11:01 AM

Every beer lover should know that the 21st Amendment repealed prohibition, allowing all of us to, legally, enjoy alcohol. Not so ironically, 21st Amendment is also a brewery in San Francisco, CA brewing craft beers and putting them in cans. Their Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer aims to be a traditional American Wheat beer, with a hint of watermelon aroma and flavor. Hopefully they pulled off the combination without one flavor killing the other.

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Review: Dogfish Head My Antonia0

by Shaneat 10:02 AM

The time was October 2008 in Rome, Italy when Sam Calagoine of Dogfish Head and Leonardo DiVencenzo of Birra del Borgo first brewed My Antonia as a collaboration beer. Since its inception, Dogfish Head has brought back this Imperial Pilsner for a one time/limited release in mid 2010.

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