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Review: Schlafly Christmas Ale0

by Nickat 10:57 AM

Schlafly Tap Room, under the Saint Louis Brewery, from St. Louis, Missouri delivers a gift for the holidays — their Christmas Ale. This Herb/Spiced beer is a nice touch to this Midwest brewpubs offering. Since Schlafly only distributes locally in the Midwest, and by “locally” their website means four-t0-five hours from the brewery — it’s great I’ve got the opportunity to try some of their flagships.

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Review: Unibroue Trois Pistoles0

by Shaneat 11:44 AM

Continuing on with our Unibroue quest, I’ve got their 341 mL bottle of Trois Pistoles, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. Noting that I’m typically more of a fan of paler Belgian-style beers (e.g. Tripel, Belgian Strong Pale Ale), I’m going into this not expecting too much and already have an idea of the flavor profile I’m in store for.

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Review: Southern Tier Mokah0

by Mikeat 10:33 AM

Stouts, chocolate, and coffee are all things that go well together. Even better is when a beer is brewed with the idea of bringing out those elements. It can be a hard balance to strike, too much chocolate and you overpower the Stout elements, too much coffee and you miss the chocolate smoothness. The offerings from Southern Tier that I have tried recently have been good, hopefully the trend continues with the Mokah.

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Review: Sam Adams Infinium0

by Shaneat 09:41 AM

For the past two years, the Boston Beer Company from Massachusetts, USA and Weihenstephan Brewery fr0m Germany, have been collaborating on an entirely “new” style of beer, dubbed Infinium. Described as a champagne-like ale, and referred to on Beer Advocate as a “Bière de Champagne/Bière Brut,” this limited release beer is available now — and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a few bottles.

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What to Expect from Craft Beer in 20113

by Shaneat 11:17 AM

It’s safe to say that the craft beer industry is not what it was back in 1995. A lot of small, microbreweries started in the mid-to-late 90’s and we’ve seen quite the boom in the last decade. In addition, we’ve seen the industry grow in sales, popularity and even seep into the fabric of contemporary pop culture. And this is only the beginning.

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