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Episode 10: Dogfish Chateau Jiahu (Video)0

by Shaneat 09:19 AM

Mike is back this week to join us outside of Philadelphia to review the Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu. This herb/spiced beer is part of their Ancient Ales series that boasts a 9000 year-old recipe out of China. Fermented with grape juice, this out of the ordinary beer is another excellent product of an always intriguing line-up of Off-Centered Ales.

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Review: Dogfish Head Squall IPA0

by Nickat 10:40 AM

With the premiere of Discovery’s Brew Masters Sunday night, I felt I needed to pay an homage to this season’s star, Sam Caligione, the owner and founder of Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. I picked up some of the more limited release beers and decided to begin with the Squall IPA, a labeled “Bottle unconditioned naturally fermented 90 Minute India Pale Ale.”

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Brew Masters: Enough to last?10

by Shaneat 01:40 PM

The latest and probably most recognizable media attention that craft beer industry has been receiving as of, well, Sunday is the Discovery Channel’s new series Brew Masters, featuring Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head Brewery. This sensationalized look at the craft beer industry is drawing mixed feelings from not only myself, but other beer enthusiasts across the web.

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Review: Southern Tier Unearthly0

by Mikeat 11:01 AM

Southern Tier describes the Unearthly Imperial IPA as their “most aggressive offering yet” so you know what to expect, an aggressive and skillful use of hops. I’m hoping that this falls right in line with other “big” IPAs, decently bitter, hints of alcohol, and a great floral nose. Hopefully even with the aggressive use of hops balance can be achieved on the palate.

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Review: Brew Works Rude Elf Reserve1

by Nickat 11:21 AM

Beer drinkers and craft beer fanatics, the roll out of the winter seasonal beers are in full effect. Fegley’s Brew Works Mad Elf Reserve (formerly known as Rudolph’s Reserve) is the seasonal offering from the Brew Works in Bethlehem, PA. Tread carefully because at 10.5% ABV this winter warmer isn’t one to spend your entire winter night with, but definitely is suitable to sit down and enjoy one.

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