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Review: Marble Double IPA0

by Nickat 02:03 PM

During my trip to New Mexico earlier this month, I picked up another local beer that I’ve never seen on the East Coast; Marble Brewery’s Double IPA, a limited release, in a 22oz bottle at 8.2% ABV. Marble is situated in the heart of downtown Albuqeurque and is already home to some staple flagship styles, considering they’ve only been around since April 2008.

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Getting the most out of a Beer Festival1

by Mikeat 11:45 AM

Beer festivals are a great opportunity to sample new beers, meet brewers, and talk with other beer geeks. But it is easy to become overwhelmed by even a medium-sized beer festival with all of the choices, crowds, and free swag. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your next festival.

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Review: Lancaster Oktoberfest0

by Mikeat 11:41 AM

There are two great things about Fall, Pumpkin beers and Oktoberfest beers. Tonight I’m reviewing Lancaster Brewing Company’s offering of the latter. Because of Lancaster’s large German influence and heritage, I’m expecting a largely traditional Oktoberfest beer, hopefully one that sets itself apart from the rest.

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PA Alcohol Laws: Oh Boy11

by Shaneat 03:30 PM

Living in Pennsylvania my entire life, so far, I’ve become desensitized by the obscure alcohol laws we have. Anyone visiting PA for the first time is sure to have an adventure trying to hunt down their alcohol of choice, be it beer, wine or liquor. For a state that is home to arguably some of the best craft beer breweries on the East Coast (or even US), it’s harder to obtain the specific container you’re searching for than you’d imagine.

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Review: Avery Seventeen1

by Nickat 11:08 AM

The two words that caught my attention while browsing for beer in New Mexico was Avery and Anniversary. Avery Brewing Company, out of Colorado, designed a dry-hopped Black Lager for their Anniversary, dubbed Seventeen (17th Anniversary). As a big fan of Avery beers and Anniversary beers in general, I had to try the 22oz Seventeen at a meticulous 8.69% ABV.

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