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Review: Founders Backwoods Bastard ‘090

by Shaneat 10:26 AM

Being a huge fan of Founders, there was no doubt in my mind one of my favorite new styles, Scotch Ale, would make my palate dance. This bottle, 10/5/2009, has had some time to age and mellow out, and undoubtedly will change certain aspects of the flavor profile.

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Philly Beer meetup at Victory Brewing2

by Shaneat 10:18 AM

Victory Brewing Company, situated right outside of Philadelphia in Downingtown, PA was the locale for the [much anticipated] Philly Beer meet-up. Involving not only the Twitter #PhillyBeer family, but also a few guests from the East Coast. Amie (@AmieDM17) from Florida was in the area, as well as Lee (@Hoptopia) and Stevie (@BasicallyRed) from NYC.

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Review: Penobscot Bay Half Moon Stout0

by Mikeat 09:46 AM

The final review of the four beers from Penobscot Bay Brewery is the Half Moon Stout, a 5.5% ABV Stout in, what else, a 220z bottle. The brewery’s website says that the Half Moon Stout is based on an old Porter recipe described as brave, proud, or “stout.” The beer is named after the vessel that Henry Hudson was in when he entered the Penobscot Bay in 1609. Enough history, time for the beer.

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Review: Penobscot Bay Meadow Road Wheat2

by Mikeat 11:07 AM

My tour of the beers from Penobscot Bay Brewery in Winterport Maine continues with the Meadow Road Wheat Beer. The brewery bills this beer as being a true Hefeweizen, so I’m expecting a some nice banana and citrus flavors with a good bready yeast and wheat backbone.

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What to do when there’s no craft beer4

by Shaneat 01:46 PM

For craft beer lovers, it may be one thing you wish never happens. You’re out to eat at a restaurant, or out at a pub with your friends and there is no craft beer available. Here’s what to do, so that you can enjoy yourself and your company without looking like a snob.

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