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  • on 06.22.2010
  • at 02:16 PM
  • by Mike

Review: Victory HopDevil1

fact sheet

  • Style: IPA
  • Serving: Bottle
  • Volume: 12oz
  • ABV: 6.70%

Today I have one of my old standbys, the HopDevil IPA from Victory. Whenever I want just a regular IPA, something hoppy, pleasantly bitter and all around tasty, I normally think of HopDevil. This 6.7% ABV IPA comes through every time and though I tend to think of it as an easily accessible, not that rare beer, I feel that it is way past due for a review.

The HopDevil pours a hazy orange color with an almost white head that provides some decent lacing on the glass. The aromas are nice and hoppy with a pleasant sweetness. There is, in true IPA form, a decent amount of spice coming through along with some citrus notes.

For the flavors for an IPA I’m expecting a good amount of hops and spice with hits of citrus, some bitterness, and a small kick of alcohol. The HopDevil delivers where it counts. This beer is a bit in your face for a standard IPA but it works. The bitterness will stick with you long after it is done, but you will enjoy the ride. There is very little malt, just enough that you notice it but the HopDevil is all about showing off the hops. Citrus, spice, grass and some earthiness come through nicely. A really great flavor all around.

I know that I have given the HopDevil a lot of praise, but that is only because I consider it a standard that I always use in my mind for measuring other IPAs. There are so many things done correctly with this beer that it is impossible to ignore. If you want to try a straight up IPA, something that is true to form and delivers in a big way give the HopDevil a shot.

Overall: 9.5/10

Mike Hoff is a Senior Writer for Passion Beer.

He is always seeking out the new, weird and wonderful in the world of beer. When he is not writing for the site, you can normally find him with a camera around his neck and a beer in hand.

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  1. Matt says:

    Had this beer for the first time about three weeks ago and loved it. Completely agree with your review in that it is a bit over the top for a regular IPA, but I have no problem with that at all! Definitely one of my favorite IPAs to date.

    I look forward to getting back to the states so I can get back into craft beer. There really aren’t a lot of options down in Mexico.

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