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Review: Magic Hat Blind Faith0

by Nickat 11:45 AM

Magic Hat is a brewery that many individuals start with for the true introduction to craft beer. I know many of my friends that have tried Magic Hat #9 and have never looked back. This year, they brought us the return of the Blind Faith IPA at 6.2% ABV, a bit lower than the IPA-norm.

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Review: Weyerbacher Hops Infusion0

by Nickat 09:43 AM

Weyerbacher is situated in Easton, Pennsylvania and was founded by a home brewer in 1995. Since then, it has developed into a well known and well respected microbrewery throughout the Northeast. Having had other Weyerbacher brews in the past, their Hops Infusion IPA is up this time for tasting.

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Review: Straub’s Special Dark0

by Mikeat 01:21 PM

There was a period of time before prohibition when local breweries abounded, there was no decently populated area that did not have a local brewery. These local breweries were an important part of their community, and the locals were fiercely loyal to their beer. One brewery, founded in the late 1800’s, keeping the tradition of a local beer alive is Straub’s in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. Thanks to a friend who is originally from the area I have the Straub’s Special Dark to review today.

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Review: Stone 13th Anniversary Ale0

by Shaneat 11:09 AM

The Stone 13th Anniversary Ale was created for an obvious reason: their 13th birthday! Well with Stone entering their teenage years as of 2009, their product was this American Strong Ale. Unfortunately for me, the bottle clearly states to consume immediately and not age. Well, it’s 2010, so forgive me if it’s past its prime.

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Review: Dundee Kölsch-style Ale0

by Shaneat 10:05 AM

The Dundee Brewing Company, part of the larger Genesee Brewing Company, are based out of Rochester, New York and are home to a variety of craft beer. They were even gracious enough to send me some samples of a few of their beers. Today, I’m starting with their Kölsch-style Ale, a refreshingly sessionable ale on the first day of summer!

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