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Review: Harpoon Leviathan0

by Shaneat 11:22 AM

The Harpoon Brewery out of Boston, Mass. delivers yet another take on the Imperial (Double) IPA-style with their Leviathan. Brewed and available only since 2008, this has become a year-round staple to their flagship collection, and at 10% ABV, makes a great alternative to their others beers.

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Episode 3: Founders Curmudgeon & Gary of Craft (Video)0

by Shaneat 09:20 AM

We’re in Limerick, PA and sit down with owner Gary Fry of Craft Ale House. In this episode, we discuss the Founders Curmudgeon we’re having on draft and Gary talks about the history behind Craft. We also announce our two winners for our “First Craft Beer Contest.”

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Review: Simply Beer British Bitter4

by Shaneat 10:21 AM

Peter, the man behind the name Simply Beer and his eccentric, decadent Peanut Butter Porter, delivers again with a generous sample package. All seem enticing, but today I sampled his British Bitter (an English term for Pale Ale) at a mild, but not unusual for the style, 3.4% ABV.

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Review: Dock Street Barrel Aged Barley Wine0

by Mikeat 10:14 AM

Shane’s constant talk recently about Barleywines pushed me over the edge in getting one to review. Wanting to stay local, I picked up the Dock Street Barrel Aged Barley Wine from the Dock Street brewpub in Philadelphia. The large 750ml bottle with a plain brown label on the front that drew me in with its simplicity.

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Review: Lost Coast Indica3

by Shaneat 12:52 PM

It should be well known by now I’m quite the fan of India Pale Ales. On my journey I’m now coming across the Indica, an IPA, from Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe out of California. In comparison with some others I’ve encountered, this ABV is on the lower end of the scale at 6.5% ABV, but the flavor profile makes this one shine.

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