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Review: Dogfish Head Aprihop0

The delicious Dogfish Head delivers their American IPA, Aprihop, at 7% ABV. This bottle I’ve gathered for review is dated 2/26/2010, making it obviously a 2010 version of the much desired and loved Aprihop brew. I’ve heard different things in the past about different years tasting different from one to the next, but this review is based solely on the 2010 version.

This one was poured from the standard 12 oz Dogfish Head bottle into a pint glass. The immediate pour was brilliant to watch and marvel at. It was an amazing golden amber color with a tint of brown in the light. The head was a creamy white and left a moderate amount of lacing on the glass wall as I consumed this.

One whiff of this and you can tell the quality Dogfish Head put into each and every bottle. This batch was full of a really fresh and juicy apricot smell. Not to be dominant and overpowering, a really nice balance of bitter and dry hops came in. The very end of the nose is finished with a nice and sharp sweet citrus scent.

Of all the things I’ve been reading, the Aprihop is getting really good marks across the board in the taste category, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. The mouthful on this is medium-bodied and moderately carbonated. Well balanced in the actual “feel” of the mouth. The taste is disgustingly amazing (oxymoron?). Citrusy, juicy apricots blend with sharp and mildly bitter and piney hops to create a brewers masterpiece. The finish has the linger of bitterness from the hops, sticky on the tongue and cheeks. But wow – the sweetness helps this mouthful become the ultimate balance.

Once again, it’s hard to imagine Dogfish Head delivering a bad brew (it really is). Which is why the Aprihop stands tall in my book; very tall. Amazingly balanced with real citrusy apricots bundled with amazingly fresh and bitter hops. This creates a really profound and exceptional brew from one of my local, most favorite breweries. Thank you so much Dogfish Head, you’ve created a delicious gem once again!

Overall: 9.3/10

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Shane Holland is the Editor-in-Chief for Passion Beer.

He is a self-proclaimed craft beer geek and an all around lovable dork. He loves homebrewing, everything Philadelphia, traveling and enjoying the pleasures of life.

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