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Review: Old Abominable Barleywine (Brewer’s Reserve)0

by Nickat 07:49 PM

When Shane and I were accompanied with a group of friends to the Stoudt’s Brewery tour, I ended up picking up a bottle of the Old Abominable Barleywine (Brewer’s Reserve). The Brewer’s Reserve from Stoudt’s is a chance for the brewmasters to give a twist to one of their signature beers. The brew came in a 750 ml bottle that is hand corked.

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Group Review: Dock Street Rye IPA2

by Shaneat 07:56 AM

This past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting two local Philadelphia Twitter beer geeks, Kelly and Brendan at Craft Ale House. We wanted to do a group tasting and put it into review. We all agreed upon the Rye IPA at 7.2% ABV by the very local Dock Street Brewing Company out of West Philadelphia.

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Review: Dogfish Head Aprihop0

by Shaneat 08:03 PM

The delicious Dogfish Head delivers their American IPA, Aprihop, at 7% ABV. This bottle I’ve gathered for review is dated 2/26/2010, making it obviously a 2010 version of the much desired and loved Aprihop brew. I’ve heard different things in the past about different years tasting different from one to the next, but this review is based solely on the 2010 version.

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Dogfish Head Apparel Twitter Giveaway Contest0

by Shaneat 11:43 AM

Congratulations, @barleyapint, for winning the contest!

That’s right, we’re giving away some awesome Dogfish Head apparel as part of our latest contest! All the details are on the official Contest page. We’ve hit the goal of 250 followers on Twitter but you can still be eligible to win if you follow us by 6pm TODAY! We’ll give away a Dogfish Head T-Shirt, two glasses and a bottle opener!

A special thanks to Jill from Dogfish Head for the cooperation with the contest!

This contest has ended. Thanks for your submissions!

Review: Tröegs Nugget Nectar1

by Mikeat 08:18 AM

Hooray for hops! The picture on the bottle says it all, Tröegs squeezes hops for all they are worth to make this wonderfully hoppy beer. I have had this beer on tap, on hand pump, and in a bottle. It is interesting to contrast the three, as well as how the beer has changed over the years. For this review I’m using a 2010 bottle poured into a pint glass, conveniently branded of course.

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