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Victory Brewing Company $50 Gift Card Giveaway Contest!0

by Shaneat 08:49 AM

We’re running a giveaway contest for a $50 gift card to Victory Brewing Company! No purchase is necessary and entering to win is simple, fast and easy. Simply visit the Contest page and enter to win! You can also enter to win on Twitter. For all rules, please refer to the Contest page. Good luck.

The contest has ended. Thank you for your submissions!

Review: Victory Golden Monkey0

by Shaneat 06:24 PM

Victory Brewing Company brings us Golden Monkey, their Belgian-style Tripel Ale clocking in at 9.5% ABV. As much as I love IPAs, I’ll always have a spot in my heart for the Belgian-inspired brews. Especially ones like Golden Monkey. Victory did quite a wonderful job in crafting this multi-session beer.

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Fort Collins Brewery Revives Maibock After Two Years0

by Shaneat 11:20 AM

The Fort Collins Brewery of Colorado are set to release their Maibock beer after nearly two years since they halted brewing. While the beer is slated for an official widespread release in March, there are reports of select locations receiving the brew already. The label on the Maibock describes it as, “A smooth malty flavor attained from the richness of Munich malts that finishes with gentle warming sweetness. Toffee notes and understated hop bitterness round out the bock experience. Brewed in the Fall, aged in the Winter and celebrated in the Spring. Prost!”

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Review: Ommegang Three Philosophers1

by Mikeat 08:52 AM

Brewery Ommegang, Belgian passion and beers from Cooperstown New York, is one of my favorite breweries. My favorite Ommegang brew? Three Philosophers, a Quadrupel ale. From the first taste you can tell how much passion went into making this beer; it is a true force to be reckoned with. For the purposes of this review, and as a birthday present to myself, I’m using a big ole’ 1PT 9.4 fl oz bottle poured into a pint glass.

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Review: Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA4

by Shaneat 07:23 PM

Dogfish Head brings the 60 Minute IPA to the table here at 6% ABV for the hop-lovers like myself. I am extremely excited about this beer. In fact, so much that I’ll be doing a “three course” group of reviews on: the 60 Minute IPA, 90 Minute IPA and 120 Minute IPA. For today, we’ve got the 60 Minute IPA with it’s absolutely amazing flavor, smell and experience.

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