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Planning Your Own Pub Crawl0

by Shaneat 12:58 PM

We’ve all seen some of the prepackaged pub crawls, right? You pay X amount of money and get bused around the city, hitting up predefined bars for a certain amount of time. While these can be lots of fun, you really have no say on the venues or timing. Planning your own pub crawl can be a really fun thing. Which is exactly what Mike and I did for this coming weekend in Washington D.C.

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Review: 4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout0

by Shaneat 02:35 PM

The milk or sweet stout style is one I don’t overindulge in, partially because of their sweeter nature but I certainly don’t mind enjoying one every once in a while. The latest one I found was from 4 Hands Brewing Co. out of Saint Louis, Missouri called “Chocolate Milk Stout.” As you can imagine, this beer has the addition of cacao nibs in the barrel.

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Review: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin0

by Mikeat 03:41 PM

The Ballast Point Sculpin IPA has long been a favorite of hop heads everywhere and for the past couple of years they have been making the Grapefruit Sculpin variation. This 7.00% ABV, 70 IBU American IPA features a base of the Sculpin IPA with a hefty addition of grapefruit. Increasing the citrus notes on an already citrus laden IPA can only lead to good things, right?

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What Makes a Good Craft Beer Bar?0

by Mikeat 04:14 PM

It seems that every week more and more bars are dedicating lines to craft beer, even removing the “crafty” options from the larger breweries. But craft beer does not solely make a craft beer bar. Not every bar with craft taps is trying to be a craft beer bar, but some are either making the switch or owners are opening new locations to create craft beer bars. However, what really makes a good craft beer bar? A good draft program, yes, but there are other things that go into the experience. Below is my shortlist of things that must be in place for a good craft beer bar.

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Undrink The Beer – Challenge Accepted by Shane0

by Shaneat 09:47 AM

Recently, Mike published an article titled “Undrink The Beer – Five beers I wish I could have again, for the first time” that centered on an introspective look to some beers of one’s past. These beers, as Mike put it, are ones you’d like to be able to experience again for the first time; knowing full well you’ll never quite get that same sort of feeling or experience again.

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